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Richard Corporate Challenge (RCC) 2008

August 27th, 2008 by

Another great KICK Off!

Interstate Batteries won the coveted tailgate award on Friday night, August 22nd at the RCC Kick Off! Way to go on showing our team spirit!

“The Richardson Corporate Challenge is an Olympic style competition involving as many as 22 athletic and non-athletic events held in late August through early October. Companies compete in events ranging from softball to volleyball and billiards to golf. Activities are scheduled during the week after normal business hours and on weekends. Employees, spouses, and Retirees are eligible to participate. The benefits are endless!”.

On Wednesday, August 27, 2008 we’ll be at JJ Pearce High School for the Punt, Pass & Kick event. The next set of events are Bowling, 15K Bike, 5K Run, Dominos, Badminton, Kickball, Softball, & Tennis from August 27th to September 15. Check back with us for more information on other upcoming events through to October 22. We had a fun time – Here are a few pics.  Enjoy!

RCC 2007 Kickoff-Opening Ceremony2

RCC 2007 Kickoff-Opening Ceremony3

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