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What’s the 411

September 28th, 2008 by

Meet Our Chairman, Norm Miller

The God’s Love ad that is currently running in a test on Dish Network has created a quite a buzz! Below is an example of the positive feedback we’ve received. These responses include e-mails to customer service, fundraising, Norm Miller, Intercom and sponsorships. 

God’s Love Video!

“You ROCK!  I saw your commercial about God’s love and checked out the
rest of the story on your website.  My wife and I praise God for your strength and determination in Jesus.  You really are living Eph. 2:10.”
In His abundant joy,

Merv Tarde, our VP of Technology Makes Headlines in Portugal


Intra CIOs Newsletter, a Portuguese monthly publication specializing in new management processes in the information systems field, recently interviewed Interstate’s Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Merv Tarde about CIO Career Management.


“Three cheers for Merv”

Richardson Corporate Challenge (RCC) – 2008

This is our 3rd year to participate in this worthwhile event to raise money for the Special Olympics.  Below are some of our winners.

More updates coming soon!





Now that's better

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