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EGAD (Employee Gathering & Appreciation Day) Update

October 3rd, 2008 by

Every year, our EGAD event has had a theme and this year, we’re going to have a Costume Party theme! It’s not mandatory but it sure will be fun.

We are currently raising money for the Special Olympics through our participation in the Richardson Corporate Challenge.  In doing that, we’ve just started a contest where our home office members will select a team member of their choice, who is participating in the challenge to sponsor  and the individual with the most contributions will then get to the opportunity to wear a special costume to our EGAD event. The costume selection is either Shrek, Elvis or Maid Marian – this is going to be so interesting.

Our EGAD event is on October 31st so stay tuned and check back to see who won, and to also see some other crazy costumes!

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