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DC blizzard produces outrageously dependable results

March 24th, 2010 by

Interstate Batteries of Northern Virginia helped the Virginia Department of Transportation get their trucks and sno plows on the road.
The states in the Mid-Atlantic region are accustomed to winter weather and snow, but the blizzard of Feb. 6 and 7 left communities paralyzed. That’s because 2-3 feet of snow fell in less than 24 hours, making some areas the second snowiest winter on record. The local weather forecast predicted it. Schools closed early. Police and emergency crews urged residents to collect provisions and prepare to hunker down. Department of transportation units requested that motorists stay off the roads so salt trucks and snow plows could clear them as needed. And need them they did. Now if only they would start…

Enter Gene Barbour of Interstate Battery System of Northern Virginia, and his son Anthony, to the rescue. The Virginia Department of Transportation needed help. “Although we served VDOT Thursday and Friday in anticipation of the snow, they called me at home desperate to get an additional four 4D-XHD commercial batteries,” said Anthony. “VDOT has my home number for battery emergencies,” Barbour added. “So I called my dad [Gene Barbour]. The plan was to have VDOT meet us at the warehouse. We made it, VDOT didn’t. I called them and they asked us to deliver them. We did and it took us about an hour to go 12 miles!”
The blizzard in Northern Virginia Feb.6 and 7 left communities paralyzed.

Anthony is quick to point out that VDOT valued the service, “It’s important to add that I think we have a believer—more than ever—that VDOT will never find a battery company that will match our service. Never! They repeatedly expressed their appreciation for getting them out of a jam. To us, that was worth the trip.”

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