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Holding effective fundraisers

March 23rd, 2010 by

Interstate Batteries Fundraising

Interstate Batteries Fundraising Director Leslie Marshall was recently quoted in two articles on holding effective fundraisers.

On having too many products in a fundraiser, she says:

“Sometimes, the more products you put together, the more diluted the sale becomes. Parents and the community feel pulled and tugged and will say, ‘enough.’”

On your school or organization’s sales approach:

“Parents will take an order form to work and it just sits there; there’s not an immediate call to action. It’s not nearly as effective as if the parent’s child came after school and walked around and asked people if they’d like to buy something. My dad was a postman, and when I was a kid I went to the post office and asked for sales from the mail carriers and the guys working the counter. They felt an obligation to support me.”

When working with a fundraising company, Marshall says to remember that “Everything is negotiable,” and you can sometimes ask for special considerations in your contract. She also says that a good representative from the fundraising vendor will be involved, attentive and will work with you to create the most effective fundraiser for your community:

A good sales rep is a natural problem-solver. “Once the sale starts, the rep should be asking how it’s going,” Marshall says. “If the first week is a flop, the fundraising organization should say ‘Let’s throw this into the mix’ or ‘Let’s come with up an idea to gain momentum,’ like having the principal agree to spend the night on the roof if a certain goal is reached.”

Click the links to read more about choosing a fundraising company and increasing your fundraising sales. And if you’re ready to discuss what Interstate Batteries can do to help you in your next fundraising effort, visit the Interstate Batteries Fundraising page and fill out the form.

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