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Deep-Cycle Batteries: They’re Not Just for Golf Cars!

April 7th, 2010 by

Guest post by Gale Kimbrough, Interstate Batteries Technical Services Manager

Golf_cart_white_sml Interstate has sold golf car batteries for many decades and has recently made the move to dramatically enhance that line. Why? Golf cars are demanding, and these deep-cycle batteries power more and more applications. A very high percentage of golf car batteries provide:

  • House power for many motor homes and RVs
  • Lift power for off-road equipment
  • Drive power for electric vehicles
  • and a variety of other applications

So, what’s technical about golf car batteries?

image_Gale_444A4611 Step into our lab. One of the most fun things Interstate’s Technical Services group gets to do is lab test our batteries. We’re sort of the “MythBusters” of batteries. We verify power, compliance, capacity and cycling characteristics. If the batteries don’t pass our tests, we don’t authorize them for sale.

Deep-cycle golf car batteries are available in 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt sizes and must provide:

  • Consistent capacity to power at low to medium level current levels (1 amp – 75 amps)
  • Compliance to Battery Council International (BCI) standards
  • Deep discharge cycles of 50% to 100% of their capacity
  • Hundreds of deep-discharge cycles and
  • Effective recharge characteristics

Here’s what we found in our tests

BCI Compliance

BCI standards call for 90% compliance, and the new line exceeds this standard.


We compared power requirements with ratings, recharge acceptance, water loss characteristics and other intricate tests, including the Bulk Charge Acceptance Characteristics (BCAC) test. That’s where we discharge the battery at 75 amps (6-volt);
then, we recharge it at a constant current, C/10 and C/15 rates, trying to achieve 80% state-of-recharge of 7.05 volts (14.1 volts for a 12-volt).

C/10 and C/15 equals the amount of recharge current that we tested to ensure that the battery allows enough charge current. C = capacity of the golf car rating in ampere hours divided by 10 or 15.

Example: 232 ah/10 = 23.2 amps and 232 ah/15 = 15.4 amps

The batteries achieved a 10-11 percent increase in charge acceptance, or more than 90 percent. What does that mean in real life? This is very important to the end user because it ensures a high percentage of recharge is recovered in the first stage of a multi-stage charger. This can result in a major reduction in sulfation (the enemy of battery life), which translates to a significant improvement in overall battery longevity!


Golf car deep-cycle batteries require multiple cycles (deep discharges and recharges) before they reach maximum capacity. Once again, outstanding results in the Interstate
golf car product line!

The best we’ve seen

GC-2_Battery_onGrass Technically speaking, the new golf car line has the best deep-cycle batteries we’ve seen. You’ll recognize the new batteries by their unique color identifiers, improved life and a 12-month warranty.

Interstate’s new golf car line shows we are dedicated to continuous improvement and exceeding your expectations.Do you want the best of the best in battery technology, power and cycle life? Go to your local Interstate Golf Car Battery dealer today, or visit our Dealer Locator to find the dealer near you.

By Gale Kimbrough (11 Posts)

As Manager of Interstate Batteries’ Engineering and Technical Services Group, Gale Kimbrough oversees technical training, product engineering, testing and validating electrical/electronic components.

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