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Emergency Preparedness Key for Storm Season

April 28th, 2010 by

Interstate Batteries Offers Top 5 Severe Weather Safety Tips


Stocking up in case of emergency should be a priority for every family. Working radios, flashlights and other battery-operated and power generating items are extremely important for homes and businesses.

The team of experts at Interstate All Battery Center, which provides battery assistance to the Red Cross and other rescue organizations across the United States, can point to exactly what families need to stay safe before, during and after a hurricane or tornado. Below are some emergency preparedness tips.

Top 5 tips for storm readiness from Interstate Batteries

  • Keep a battery-powered or crank-powered weather radio to listen to local news reports. The Red Cross recommends listening before, during and after severe weather.
  • FEMA recommends that every family member have a cell phone. Equip each family member with a backup charger powered by alkaline batteries that can recharge cell phones and laptops keep families connected during emergencies.
  • Keep a water-resistant hand-cranked flashlight on hand, along with a more powerful, battery-powered flashlight. Most IABC’s stock about thirty different flashlights, including models like those used by firefighters and other rescue workers.
  • A portable generator or solar power charger can provide enough power to keep refrigerators and air conditioners working in the event of a power outage.
  • An inverter can be hooked to your car battery or to a SLI battery and generate enough power to prevent food from spoiling and to power small devices like lamps until electricity is restored.

“Being prepared is imperative, especially during storm season, but it requires planning ahead,” said Gale Kimbrough, Interstate Batteries Technical Services Manager. “We’ve helped countless people and relief organizations power through storms. Our team is on hand to help ensure your family stays safe during severe weather.”

About Interstate All Battery Center

Founded in 1952 and based in Dallas, Interstate Batteries is a privately held group of corporations, which includes a company with 300 distributors that service more than 200,000 dealers throughout the United States, Canada and select international locations. Interstate is the top-selling replacement automotive brand battery in North America, selling more than 15 million units annually. In addition, IABC offers customers more than 16,000 portable power solutions, including batteries for watches, cell phones, cordless phones, laptops and more.

Interstate All Battery Center currently has 335 points of presence serving 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Canada. For additional information about the franchise offer, please visit Customers can visit to find the nearest All Battery Center. Follow us on Facebook at and Twitter at

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