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Interstate Batteries announces advance in golf car/RV power technology

April 1st, 2010 by

New golf car battery lasts 10 percent longer than closest competition

DALLAS, March 29 — Interstate Batteries, North America’s No. 1 replacement battery brand, introduces an advanced new golf car battery that offers 10 percent more drive time per cycle than its competitors, along with the highest number of cycles in the industry.

Golf car batteries from Interstate Batteries

The line, including the GC2-XHD, is used in golf cars and RVs, and extends life cycle without a price increase. Other design improvements include better recharge acceptance for longer life, enhanced plate stability alignment for reliability and more out-of-the-box power than any other battery.

“The new golf car battery line provides unbeatable performance,” said Gale Kimbrough, Interstate Batteries technical services manager. “It has the highest energy units in the industry and will easily accommodate two rounds of golf versus the round and a half typical for many batteries. RV owners will also see a noticeable improvement in battery life when using the new line to power accessories like air conditioning, TVs and refrigeration.”

Interstate Batteries, the trusted, 58-year-old company known for outrageously dependable products and service, spent months pushing the battery to its limits to ensure it provides a superior experience. In fact, the company is so confident in the new line, it doubled the free replacement warranty to 12 months.

The versatile battery line, now available in 11,000 Interstate locations nationwide, also powers scooters, scissor lifts, electric cars and more.

“We’re proud to bring this enhanced battery to customers,” Kimbrough says. “It’s an excellent example of the high quality and outrageous dependability that defines Interstate Batteries. In those critical moments, whether you’re relaxing on the green or traveling across the country, you can depend on Interstate.”

To find the nearest dealer for the GC2-XHD, log on to the Interstate Batteries Golf Car page

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