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Electric tractor update

May 18th, 2010 by

Back in January, we visited with Bonham High School’s Agriculture Sciences department as they attempted to convert a gasoline-powered tractor to run on rechargeable batteries.  Here’s the video of our visit:


Interstate Batteries Distributor Tommy Herrin of IBS of Southeastern Oklahoma helped the high school raise money by recycling old automotive and industrial batteries.

According to this new article from North Texas e-News, the project is complete.

The tractor should be able to pull a shredder for close to three hours, recharge via the solar panels and be ready to go again tomorrow.  It can also be plugged into the grid to recharge the five heavy-duty batteries quicker.

final But the school won’t stop with this tractor. They’re already eyeing their next project: Turning an old zero-turn mower into electric-drive.

Read more about the project or visit the school’s Flickr photo page.

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