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Outrageous Customer Service

May 24th, 2010 by


Adam Howard from the All Battery Center in Euless, Texas, received high praise from customer David Fuller:

"I want to give a big shout-out to your employee Adam at your ABC Store on Glade Rd. in Euless, Texas. I’d been looking for small, nano-flashlight button batteries. I had gone to other places to find them, but never got the help I needed.  On May 15, I was by your store and realized that if anyone had the batteries I need, Interstate would.  As I entered the store, Adam welcomed me. From the start he was attentive to my needs, genuinely listened, and was friendly. I was impressed that he took the battery and measured it to make sure I got the right batteries. That’s something no other store did! Plus he installed all the batteries for me. I have always been a supporter of Norm Miller and Interstate Batteries and it never fails that I get good customer service when I go to one of your stores."

Way to go, Adam! That’s outrageous dependability.

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