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Klock Werks owners visit Interstate Batteries

June 8th, 2010 by

Laura_Klock_and_Norm Interstate Batteries recently hosted multiple land-speed record holder Laura Klock and husband Brian Klock, an internationally known custom bike builder. Together, they own Klock Werks Kustom Cycles, one of the top five custom builders in the world, and are holders of patents for several motorcycle components. Each Klock Werks motorcycle carries an Outrageously Dependable Interstate Battery.

In addition to the success the Klocks have enjoyed as custom builders, Laura has also won several racing honors as a part of the Klock Werks racing team. In 2006, Laura set the national land-speed record on a bike that Klock Werks built for the Discovery Channel Biker Build-Off. She has returned to improve her record each year, making her a five-time land speed world record holder. Laura’s two teenage daughters, Erika and Karlee, inherited her love for racing, and have each set land-speed records of their own. In 2008, Laura and her daughters became the first mother-daughter-daughter trio in the history of land-speed racing to hold records at the same time.

Laura also speaks to other women and riders across the United States as part of the “Any Road” tour, telling the inspiring story of how strong faith has helped her overcome hardship in her life. Laura, who has dealt with issues such as alcoholism and her parents’ divorce, says that her ability to ride motorcycles is a gift from God, given to her as an escape to help cope with the trials she faces, and as a tool to help parent her teenage girls. Laura hopes her story will encourage women to embrace any path that God puts before them.

Laura was in Dallas to film an interview which will appear on the I Am Second website and a video for Hope for the Heart, a national women’s crisis organization that Interstate sponsors. After their visit to Interstate, Laura and Brian agreed to be “celebrities” on the 2011 Hope for the Heart/Glory Ride across America.

To learn more about Klock Werks and the family’s outrageous success in setting land speed records, visit and, where Laura’s interview will be appearing soon.

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