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Interstate Batteries is proud to sponsor Team Klock Werks

August 31st, 2010 by

MITCHELL, S.D.— When it comes to land speed records on a motorcycle, Team Klock Werks leads the way. When it comes to outrageous battery dependability for those bikes, Interstate Batteries is champion. America’s No. 1 replacement battery company is the newest major corporate partner for Team Klock Werks.

team_tent Interstate Batteries provides battery power for all Team Klock Werks bikes and increases the team support with this new sponsorship of the motorcycle team long known for establishing land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Both companies are faith-based with a strong Christian mission statement of encouraging teamwork for success in racing.

“We are so excited to bring Interstate Batteries on board as our race team sponsor,” said team owners Brian and Laura Klock. “We have enjoyed visiting the company’s Dallas headquarters, meeting Norm Miller (Interstate chairman), and even modeling some of our own business practices after Interstate. It’s already been more than just a sponsorship. We hope to make them very proud this year!”

Team Klock Werks took five riders to the Bonneville Salt Flats for the 2009 Bub Speed Trials event and came back with new records, new personal bests and hundreds of pictures that will continue to tell the stories. The plans for 2010 are just as exciting. Laura Klock will ride her personal Victory Vision with an upgraded motor and new look. Erika Cobb, age 19, will once again pilot the 2008 Buell XB9 Firebolt in the P-PP 1000 class.  In 2009, she destroyed the existing record of 109 mph and set a new record of 126.383.  Karlee Cobb, age 16, rode the 500 cc Buell Blast in the MPS-PG 500 class in 2009 and reached a new personal best in 2009. This year, she will ride a Harley-Davidson Dyna, named DYNAMITE, with plans to push her personal best up further and secure a record in her class. Michelle Mielke will ride the 2002 Yamaha Warrior that she rode last year. She reached a personal best of 144 mph, and secured a record in the M-P-2000 class of 143.154 mph.  Her daughter, Tiadra, age 13, joins the Team this year and will be riding a Kawasaki Ninja. Laura, Erika and Karlee are the first mother, daughter, daughter trio in Bonneville Land Speed Racing History to hold records at the same time. If Michelle and Tiadra secure records, they will be the second mother-daughter team to do so. Team Klock Werks is proud to have both sets of history-making families on their team! Also riding this year for Team Klock Werks will be Service Manager Chris Degen. Chris is normally in the pits working on the bikes, tuning the engines and getting as much out of each bike as possible – but this year, he will go after his own Land Speed record!          

Dyna-mite%20before Team Klock Werks joins S&S and ProCharger as sponsors of the WFB (World’s Fastest Bagger) Traveling Cup Award, hoping to inspire others to come to the Salt Flats.  In 2009, Chris Rivas took the cup with a one way pass of 166.645 mph.  Rivas was riding a 1999 FLTR with a 135 cubic inch motor that was built and tuned at Chris Rivas V-Twin.

Team Klock Werks held the title of “World’s Fastest Bagger” for three years running with Laura Klock as the pilot. Her bagger (touring bike with saddlebags) was built for the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build Off TV series in 2006. That is the year the team secured a National Land Speed Record in the first two passes on the salt.

Kar%20and%20Randy Klock Werks’ FLARE Windshield design was born from a need to add down force and stability to the bike during runs at the Salt Flats. The patented FLARE windshield is now the company’s number one selling part and has been honored with awards such as V-Twin Accessory of the Year in 2009. With the FLARE windshield installed, Laura was able to achieve higher records each year in the 2007 and 2008 seasons on that same bike. In 2009, the team decided to sponsor the award to inspire and invite other riders of that type of motorcycle to come to the salt. Team Klock Werks has led the charge in the “custom bagger” craze, and the Klock Werks racing and innovative parts line has perpetuated that.

The Team Klock Werks race season is not possible without our sponsors and the entire team including the krew on the salt, team at the shop, family and friends.  The Team thanks Interstate Batteries, Alpine Star, Z1R, S&S, Baker Drivetrain, Shogun Energy Drink, and Pingel. 

Team Klock Werks is blogging its experience at the Salt Flats. Follow along here. And don’t miss this interview with Laura Klock from a few days ago:

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