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Think it’s hot outside? Imagine what it’s like under the hood

August 2nd, 2010 by

map of U.S. climates

According to USA Today, July may go down as the hottest month in U.S. history. From an article in this weekend’s edition:

“New York, Washington and Las Vegas are on track to set record average temperatures for any month. Philadelphia, Phoenix and Raleigh, N.C., are on pace for their second-warmest month.”

The forecast for this week doesn’t look any cooler. The Southern U.S. is expected to continue enduring a dangerous heat wave. In Interstate Batteries’ hometown of Dallas, temperatures are expected to be in the triple-digits all week.

Hot weather in July and August isn’t surprising. But you may be surprised to learn that not only is it hard on your body, it’s also hard on your car.

Most people think winter is the cruelest season for your car’s battery. But summer is really the rougher season — more automobile batteries fail in July than in January. And if you think it’s hot outside your car, imagine what it’s like under the hood.

“Battery Temperatures under the hood of a car can reach 175 to 200 degrees in extreme heat conditions,” says Interstate Batteries Technical Services Manager Gale Kimbrough. “This is why it is very important for motorists to take the necessary precautions of having their vehicle battery checked on a regular basis.”

Getting your battery checked is fast and free at Interstate All Battery Center. A battery expert will use the ED-18 Electrical System Analyzer to measure your battery’s state of health. More than just telling you whether your battery is charged, the ED-18 will identify “marginal” batteries—those that may start your vehicle under normal conditions but, because their performance has begun to decline, may fail under extreme heat or cold. And it performs this test in just 30 seconds.

A free battery check can save you frustration in these hot summer months. To find an Interstate All Battery Center near you, visit our store locations page.

By the way: Many of our Interstate dealers also use the ED-18 analyzer and can perform your battery check, too! Find a dealer near you with our dealer locator.


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