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November 9th, 2010 by

We asked for poetry in our latest contest, and you delivered! A panel of judges here at the Interstate Batteries home office selected the four poems below as their favorites. Which one should take the prize?

The writer of the winning poem will receive an autographed Interstate Batteries Racing banner. It’s a big prize, so vote thoughtfully!


Poem 1: “Crank It”


The poor boy dialed 1 800 crank it
He knew his battery was gonna tank it
A young lady answered with a smile
And now he is riding in style
Saved money you say, yeah he’s gonna bank it

— Creditunioneric

Poem 2: “Whush”


There was once a young racer named Busch
Whose career got a very big push
When he signed JGR
Got Interstate Batteries car
And blew by everyone with a whush!

— Donna

Poem 3: “Leadfoot”

Driving with a leadfoot all day long,
the sound of his engine sings out a song.
Competing for the win,
he won’t stop until his face has a grin.
Been told that he’s wreckless,
but he doesn’t care.
He’s always driven this way,
in awe you should stare.
Big brother Kurt helped pave the way,
in Sprint Cup competition he shall stay.
Rookie of the Year in 2005,
first win in California, oh what a night.
Kyle doesn’t go down without a fight.

— Jammie

Poem 4: “Tried and True”

Interstate Batteries tried and true.
When it’s cold, raining or hot you always come through.
No need to worry when starting my car,
just one little turn and you will take me far.

— Kevin


Vote now! Poll closes at 5p.m. CST Friday. Please only vote once!

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