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Your own Interstate Batteries banner — How poetic!

November 2nd, 2010 by


Team Interstate fans, we know you are a creative bunch. Why not show off that creativity and win an outrageously oversized banner from Interstate Batteries? Announcing the Interstate Batteries Outrageously Dependable Poem contest.

Write us a poem about Interstate Batteries, Team Interstate, Kyle Busch or whatever else seems appropriate. Make it a limerick, a haiku, a Shakespearean sonnet or what have you – just keep it clean and relatively short. Post it in the comments below by Friday, Nov. 5 at 5 p.m. CDT. We’ll pick our favorites and put it back out to the online world for a vote! The winner will be announced Friday, Nov. 12.

Your prize: The 8’x4’ banner you see in the photo above. We have a few other prizes for poems that entertain us but may not win the contest.

So get the creative juices flowing and write us a poem. You could have a comically large banner to hang in your room. How cool would that be?

Again, it bears repeating: Keep the poem clean. This is a family-friendly site, after all!

See our official (albeit relatively generic) contest rules here, and good luck!

UPDATE (11/4): We’ve sweetened the deal! Now your outrageously oversized banner comes with an outrageously large autograph! We asked Kyle to sign it at an event last night. So get writing, all you poets!

Banner_signing banner_autographed

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