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Outrageously Dependable service in Michigan

December 22nd, 2010 by

Snow is not always beautiful

Mark sent us this note about some Outrageously Dependable service he received from an Interstate Batteries driver in Michigan:

December 10th,

Cold, snowy, and wet, I’m with my young children having car trouble…due to a weak battery/bad alternator…. a friendly man named Scott W. Measel offered to help and  was so resourceful and friendly that I will always use Interstate Batteries in my cars from this day forward! 

This happened near Wixom, Michigan, where Scott helped troubleshoot, remove and install a new battery. Even after it was installed he wouldn’t leave us until he was convinced that the battery would work and that the car would run correctly.

Thank you Interstate for having such good products and people to represent your company!

And thank YOU, Mark, for sharing this story with us! Scott is a route sales manager at our independently owned distributorship in Metro Detroit. Great job, Scott!

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