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School’s “giving party” includes Interstate Batteries

December 3rd, 2010 by



Walker Elementary School in McKinney, Texas, chose not to participate in a traditional holiday party this year. Instead, the school’s PTA developed a “giving party.” Today, Dec. 3, 2010, students were encouraged to bring items to donate to one of the following:

  1. Their sister school, which has a large concentration of low-income students
  2. The SPCA
  3. or Operation Troop Appreciation, an organization that sends items to our soldiers overseas

To help the students who chose Operation Troop Appreciation, Interstate Batteries donated almost 2,300 AA batteries to include in the care packages to our soldiers. Many of our service men and women will be thrilled to receive these much-needed batteries!

Walker Elementary is in its first year as part of Rachel’s Challenge, which teaches children how they can make a difference by starting a “chain reaction of kindness and compassion.”

Photos: Above is Mrs. Dimitt’s third-grade class. Below: Boxes of donated batteries and lots of other donations.

IMG_7380   IMG_7418

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