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Team Interstate Calendar Photo Contest

March 1st, 2011 by

They came, you saw, you hung on your wall. In December, we invited you to sign up for free 2011 Team Interstate Motorsports Calendar, and we were WOWed by the response! For those of you who checked your envelope carefully, you found a letter inviting you to participate in a photo contest. (That’ll teach you to throw away the envelope so quickly!)

We asked calendar recipients to share a photo of where they hung their calendars. Some preferred to pose with it like a prized trophy bass. Others thought to display the calendar in their bathroom. And still others added the calendar to their impressive collections of NASCAR memorabilia.

Smile with Kyle!

An esteemed panel of judges (the first five folks we asked around the office) narrowed down the list to their five favorites. Now it’s your turn to vote: Who has the best calendar picture? Vote at the end of this article.

(Oh yeah, the winner gets this Outrageously cool “Smile With Kyle” button. Autographed, of course. And it’s big enough to hang on your wall!)

So… on with the entries, in no particular order:

1. Brandie T.: “Playhouse”


Brandie says, “My kids love NASCAR and asked if I would hang it in the ‘club house’”

2. Heather F. “Pop-up”


Heather says, “Displaying the IBC in the pop-up!”

3. Brandy B. “Tank”


Brandy says, “Only the best protection for their calendar!”

4. Rick W. “20 below”


Rick says, “Ischua Creek in New York States southern tier. There was 20 below zero wind chill temperature when I took the picture. I used a very large twist tie to attach my calendar to the bridge.”


5. Brandyn S. “Garage”


Brandyn says, “Interstate under the hood and in the garage.”


So which one is your favorite? Let the voting commence! Poll closes at 10 p.m. Thursday, March 3. Good luck!

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