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10 everyday items to recycle

April 18th, 2011 by

recycle_logo The Environmental Protection Agency says Americans recycle about 30 percent of their solid waste. We think we can do better. As Earth Day approaches, here are 10 everyday items that should go to the recycle bin.

1. Newspapers. What you don’t save for pirate hats and bird-cage liner should go in its own recycling bin. Newsprint is turned into more newsprint, which may explain all the recycled headlines on the sports page.

2. Glass. Recycling centers prefer you separate by color: clear, green and brown.

3. Paint cans and aerosol cans. Although they are considered hazardous waste, they can be recycled. Separate them from other metals and leave the labels on so recyclers know what it is.

4. Plastic. Your old children’s toys and souvenir cups won’t break down in landfill. Recycle them so they become more children’s toys and souvenir cups.

Golden Girls cast 
Recycle a can to see recycled TV shows!

5. Aluminum. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run your TV for three hours. That’s a football game, an awards show or six episodes of a “Golden Girls” marathon.

6. Electronic devices. Radios, televisions, cellphones, computers — they have components that need to be recycled. Look for a specialized recycling center in your area.

7. Roof shingles. They’re used to make asphalt for new roads.

8. Refrigerators. Manufacturing companies and certain recycling centers take them.

9. Motor oil. Race car teams recycle their oil, and you should, too. Take it to an auto parts store or quick-lube shop.

Battery Recycle_1 10. Batteries. You knew this was coming. Automotive batteries contain about 21 pounds of lead, 3 pounds of plastic and a gallon of sulfuric acid, all of which can be recycled. Rechargeable batteries and alkalines can be recycled, too. To find an Interstate All Battery Center® or dealer where you can recycle your batteries, check out our Dealer Locator.

Did we miss anything? Do you have tips on household recycling? Let us know in the comments below.

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I think this list can also contain cardboards, as they are quite important in our daily life. Otherwise This list is good. The easy flow of language is also appreciating, I must say.

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