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Battery recycling: Every little bit helps

April 19th, 2011 by

Recycle_logo As we inch toward Earth Day (April 22), it’s important to remember that recycling isn’t limited to newspapers and aluminum cans. You can recycle your household batteries, too.

You should especially recycle rechargeable batteries, like the ones in your cordless drills, old cellphones and other electronic devices. Metals found in these batteries – nickel, cadmium, lithium, etc. – can be harmful to the environment if they are simply tossed into the garbage can. So even though you may think that recycling the little rechargeable AAA batteries in your remote control won’t make much of an impact, every little bit helps.

So where can you recycle your batteries? That’s easy – Interstate All Battery Center®. Each location accepts rechargeable batteries through a partnership with Call2Recycle. In fact, since 2000, Interstate All Battery Centers have recycled more than 925,000 lbs. of rechargeable batteries.

Find an All Battery Center near you and learn more about recycling batteries by reading this flyer:

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