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Interstate Batteries teams up with FleetLocate by Joe Gibbs Driven

April 7th, 2011 by

Interstate Batteries, the No. 1 replacement brand battery in North America, is expanding on its two-decade relationship with Joe Gibbs by partnering with FleetLocate by Joe Gibbs Driven as their new power source for their prominent line of GPS tracking devices. With a strong power source partner in Interstate Batteries, FleetLocate is poised to deliver the most dependable long life GPS device in the marketplace. Interstate has helped power Gibbs’ NASCAR race team for 20 years, and this new initiative with FleetLocate has positioned this group to become the fleet management industry leader.

image image Joe Gibbs and his "Joe Gibbs Driven" platform launched the fleet solution in July 2010 by partnering with FleetLocate, which is a division of PROCON Fleet Services LLC, a subsidiary of one of largest providers in mobile resource management in the marketplace. FleetLocate provides partner driven fleet solutions for small and enterprise-sized businesses designed to provide real -time monitoring, while bringing a high-performance product at a low price.

The mobile asset market potential within the transportation sector is enormous. The challenge for this market is continuous on-demand power sourcing for the trailers, intermodal containers and all non-powered resources. The engineers from Interstate Batteries and FleetLocate are experiencing success in designing solutions to conquer this challenge. Interstate Batteries has created an extended power source solution for FleetLocate’s GPS devices provided for vehicles, trucks, trailers and any non-powered assets. FleetLocate and Interstate Batteries have combined engineering resources to revolutionize this industry. These new self- powered long life batteries open up new applications for FleetLocate’s GPS tracking technologies. These extended life batteries will transform the commercial GPS industry with batteries lasting multiple years while providing continuous on demand asset management. The product will be integrated into the FleetLocate GPS device and will be available commercially through Interstate’s distribution networks of All Battery Centers and Interstate Batteries distributors and dealers. This association offers an opportunity for Interstate Batteries to provide a solution applicable to any size fleet. The units offered by FleetLocate have an integrated technology which can also alert when a vehicle battery is low. Through its comprehensive distribution network, Interstate Batteries will provide fleet administrators with nearby locations where the batteries can be serviced or replaced.

"We believe these two battery initiatives can have a significant impact on the bottom line for fleet managers," Interstate Batteries National Sales Manager Joe Padilla said. "Reducing battery replacement costs for fleet GPS systems by supplying a longer lasting battery and providing convenient battery replacement locations will save time and money for companies."

"This is the first partnership of this magnitude that FeetLocate has associated with, and we couldn’t be more excited about what it will do for our clients. Bringing Interstate Batteries on board with FleetLocate will ultimately benefit our clients around the country with their asset management operations by omitting any power loss situations, helping to control operational costs and effectively manage their assets." states Steve Blair, VP of Enterprise Sales, FleetLocate.

Interstate Batteries will initially introduce the two concepts to commercial customers through Interstate All Battery Centers and Interstate Batteries distributor locations in Charlotte, N.C., and Atlanta. Customers may request a FleetLocate consultation through those Interstate outlets and eventually at all Interstate Batteries retail and dealer locations.

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