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At-Risk Scout Takes Fundraising Crown

June 22nd, 2011 by


The Boy Scouts of America builds character into its members, but character doesn’t always appear as fast as it has for one Texas boy from a broken home who outsold his fellow Scouts by a wide margin.

1_BoyScout%20Walking During the troop’s March fundraiser, first-year Boy Scout John Smith* sold more than $500 of Interstate® batteries, raising more than a third of the troop’s total: $1,392. The outrageous part: John, 13, came from a single-parent family and had been a Scout for only five months. However, a difficult home life did not stop him from funding his entire summer camp in four weeks of fundraising.

John joined the Scouts last October. Assistant Scout Master Peter Jeffries said John showed up one day wanting to become a Boy Scout because “he just knew that it would make a better person of him and that it would help keep him on the right track in school.”

Scout Master Roger Burns drove John on his sales route. He said the secret to John’s high sales lay in his magnetic personality and sharing his own story.

“The thing I taught him was, ‘You’re not just selling the batteries. You’re selling what you’re trying to do,’” Burns said. “I encourage all the boys to get out there and help themselves.”

The best sellers for John were the $10 convenience packs for AA batteries. With so many household devices run on AA batteries — from TV remotes, wall clocks and children’s toys — the convenience packs nearly sold themselves.

“Alkaline batteries are a recession-proof essential,” said Leslie Lawrence, Interstate Batteries fundraising director. “At a time when families are cutting back, Interstate Batteries’ fundraising program offers ready-to-use products people use every day. We love the success stories we continue to hear.”

The road to strong character may be bumpy, but John proved himself during the troop’s fundraiser. Jeffries said, “I have no doubt that John will achieve whatever he sets his mind to and that he will one day be wearing the Eagle badge with pride.”

* The names have been changed in the interest of the minor’s privacy.

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