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Stars & Stripes (and Batteries) – Day Three

June 30th, 2011 by

Have you entered our Stars & Stripes (and Batteries) giveaway on Facebook yet? If not, you’re missing out on some really neat prizes. Yesterday, we awarded an extending LED flashlight, a power failure flashlight and a 1:64 scale die-cast Interstate All Battery Center car. All three items can be purchased at most Interstate All Battery Center locations.

You can enter once per day through July 4, and the grand prize is a very limited-edition 1:24 die-cast Interstate All Battery Center car autographed by Kyle Busch. In the daily drawings, every 50 unique entries will unlock an additional prize. Today, here’s what you’re playing for:

1. Flood/Spot Work Light with Magnetic Mount


This combination light is perfect for working on the car or camping out in the wilderness. The worklight function sports a 60-LED element for bright light wherever you go. The 17-LED spotlight helps you see quite a ways ahead. The work light comes with a rechargeable NiMH battery and charger and will go strong for four to 10 hours. Normally $39.99, this light can be yours if you win the drawing.

2. Kyle Busch autographed Interstate Batteries hat

KB hat

Show your elite Kyle Busch fan status everywhere you go with our handsome Interstate Batteries® Outrageously Dependable® hat, autographed by Busch himself. Although there are a few places to buy Interstate Batteries hats, you can’t buy one that comes autographed, so you’ll just have to win it here.

3 & 4. Cap light

ball cap light

Keep your hands free while shining a bright light on your work with this cap light. Its 5 LEDs provide plenty of illumination, and the device just clips onto the bill of your hat. Normally $9.99 at Interstate All Battery Center and online at, this cap can be yours if you win the drawing.


5. 24-pack of AA Batteries


Everyone needs batteries, and chances are you have several devices that run on AAs. What luck! Our next prize is a 24-pack of Interstate Batteries® Workaholic® Gold AA batteries. This pack usually sells for $14.99 at Interstate All Battery Center and online at, but it can be yours if you win the drawing. 

6. Mystery prize


What’s coming next? You’ll find out when we receive 50 more unique entries today. Get your friends to enter.

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