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Win a 21-Piece Battery Organizer

June 28th, 2011 by

fundraising_21organizer We all have that one drawer in our kitchen or garage where we keep random stuff like old receipts and user manuals, out-of-date medications and batteries. Interstate Batteries can help you take control of that drawer, at least when it comes to the batteries. Our 21-piece home battery organizer comes stocked with plenty of alkaline batteries: one 9V, six AAAs, six AAs, four Cs and four Ds. And it includes a convenient battery tester so there’s no more worrying about whether that long lost AA still has a charge.

You can find this battery organizer at your local Interstate All Battery Center or online at Or you can win one in our Stars and Stripes (and Batteries) Giveaway on the Interstate Batteries Facebook page. The organizer is the Tuesday prize, so enter now. Then come back tomorrow for another chance to win.


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