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Battery and Automotive News Roundup – July 19, 2011

July 19th, 2011 by

Here at Interstate Batteries, we love reading about the battery industry. We also enjoy keeping tabs on the automotive industry, as much of our business comes from our automotive battery line. Occasionally, we’ll come across news items we think are worth sharing. Here’s our latest roundup.

1. Buy an Electric Car, Rent the Battery

Fortune magazine’s online edition details a company testing a way to encourage people to buy more electric vehicles by renting the cars’ batteries separately. The goal: to make electric cars less expensive than gasoline cars while making recharging as convenient as refueling. Think of it like buying a propane grill: You own the grill, but you swap out the propane tanks as you need to.

Buy an Electric Car, Rent the Battery


2. How to Boost Your Car’s Value

Planning to sell your car? CNN published this list of eight easy ways to boost your car’s value. Highlights: Keep it shiny, clean the headlights, replace the floor mats and make easy fixes. We’d like to add: Replace the battery with a new Interstate® battery. Nothing shows that you’ve taken good care of the car like using the best parts.

Eight Easy Ways to Boost Your Car’s Value

3. Car Owners Holding On and Adding Miles

Drivers are putting more miles on their vehicles, and they expect to hold on to them longer, according to The Business Journal in Youngstown, Ohio. Almost 70 percent of those surveyed plan to put more than 50,000 more miles on their current car versus the miles they put on their old vehicles.

Car Owners Holding On, Adding Miles

4. Car Batteries Don’t Mix Well With the Heat

A nice reminder from Bryan/College Station, Texas: Texas heat – or prolonged periods of 90+ degree temperatures anywhere, for that matter – takes quite a toll on car batteries. Have you had yours tested recently?

Car Batteries Don’t Mix Well With Texas Heat

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