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Stars & Stripes (and Batteries) Giveaway – Day Four

July 1st, 2011 by

Die-cast 2

Our Stars & Stripes (and Batteries) giveaway continues on our Facebook page, and today we’d like to feature just one prize: A 1:64-scale die-cast version of the No. 18 Interstate All Battery Center car. It’s a limited-edition die-cast (fewer than 5,000 have been made), so it’s definitely something you want in your collection. Estimated retail value: $10 or so.

Die-cast 4 So there’s only one prize, but we want to give out several of them. For every 25 unique entries we receive today, we’ll unlock another car. For example, if 50 people enter, we’ll give away two cars. If 100 people enter, four cars. And so on. 

Remember, you can only enter once per day, so if you want more cars available, get your friends to enter, too. Maybe you and your friends will all win cars and you can race each other around the house. Go now!


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