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Interstate All Battery Center Store Manager to Appear on Reality Show

August 1st, 2011 by

Tim Rambow may be battered and bruised from a recent appearance on a reality show, but he bleeds Interstate® green.

Rambow, store manager and salesman for Interstate All Battery Center of Upland, Calif., will appear on ABC’s Wipeout Tuesday, Aug 2. He’s one of the three finalists on the episode, but he can’t reveal the results because of contractual obligations.


“It was my friend’s idea to audition,” Rambow said. “I didn’t really want to do it because I’ve seen what goes on in that show. But we went to their open casting call and got to meet people from all over the country who came in just to audition.”

Wipeout features several zany, over-the-top obstacle courses surrounded by water, mud and messy food items. Some of the offbeat obstacles include “Sucker Punch,” “Big Balls,” the “Sweeper,” the “Dreadmill” and the “Wipeout Zone.” Each episode begins with 24 contestants, and the winner earns $50,000.

“The show was very fun, but very dangerous,” Rambow said. “One woman broke her leg, and another got her clothing caught in one of the machines under the water. They have divers and paramedics that you don’t see on TV, but they’re right there on the outside in case something happens.”

His appearance on the show doesn’t surprise his father-in-law, Larry Burke, the Upland store’s franchisee.

“Tim has the ability to talk to anyone on just about any subject and is comfortable doing so, which has proved very effective in ABC sales,” Burke said. “We are all very excited about his upcoming episode.”

Rambow says the show’s theme is construction, but he’s not sure how his job in battery sales will fit into the theme. He was interviewed for a few minutes about his job, so there may be a few battery questions that make it on the air.

He said he underestimated how much the obstacle courses would beat him up. He was a high school quarterback and thought he had taken some big hits then, but the Wipeout competition was even harder.

“It really left some lasting impressions on him physically,” Burke said.

How will Rambow fare in the untamed jungle of a wet and wild Southern California soundstage? Tune in 7 p.m. Tuesday Central to find out. And if you’re curious what it’s like behind the scenes of a Wipeout audition, watch the video below. Rambow is the applicant in fatigues.

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