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Win a Hat or a T-shirt in our Race Prediction Contest

September 3rd, 2011 by

How will Team Interstate fare in the AdvoCare 500 in Atlanta? Give us your predictions below, and the three closest predictions will win fabulous Team Interstate prizes!

First prize: A Team Interstate hat, autographed by Kyle Busch.

Team Interstate hat, autographed by Kyle Busch

Second and third prizes: A Kyle Busch Michigan win T-shirt. One Size Fits Al.

Our Director of E-Business, Al.

(That’s Al, our Director of E-Business. See? The shirt fits him perfectly.)

How it’s scored: Each prediction you get on the nose is worth 5 points. For each place you’re off, we’ll subtract a point. Highest point total wins. Simple enough?

What about the rules?: Our standard contest rules apply. Contest closes 50 laps after the race starts or at Noon CDT Tuesday, whichever comes first.

Good luck!

Times up! The contest is now closed, and we aren't accepting any more entries. Go watch the race, would you?

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