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Interstate Batteries CEO Says Conflict Can Be Good

October 5th, 2011 by
Carlos Sepulveda, Interstate Batteries CEO, in Smart Business

Interstate Batteries CEO Carlos Sepulveda tells Smart Business that conflict can be good

This month’s issue of the Smart Business Dallas edition profiles CEO Carlos Sepulveda and how Interstate Batteries® embraces conflict to clearly discern what opportunities ought to be pursued. And by doing just that, Interstate has grown its numbers, both in revenues and total employees.

So what do you get when you add the best people, open meetings and straight talk all together? A company well on its way to embracing market reality and growing market share one conflict at a time.

Sepulveda also shares one simple belief underpinning his pursuit to deliver maximum value:  “ … it’s about sharpening the ax – not swinging the ax harder.”

Read the Smart Business article now.

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