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World Series Means Wedding Bells for Interstate Team Member

October 25th, 2011 by

All of Chip White’s plans changed after a decidedly epic cheese ball toss-off.

Chip White of Interstate PowerCare proposed during the Rangers game Sunday night.

Chip White of Interstate PowerCare proposed during the Rangers game Sunday night.

PowerCare’s Product Manager had planned to propose to his significant other Lindsey Carswell during a Cowboys game in December. It would have been a treat for Carswell, a sports fan, but White scrapped that plan following his Interstate cheese ball toss-off win on Oct. 19, scoring a pair of World Series tickets. With the date bumped up about three months, White set in motion new plans.

“It was too unique an opportunity,” White said. “How many people can say they got engaged at the World Series?”

Hours before the game, he got a little more than he bargained for. At a Saturday wedding, White shared his excitement over the coming game – and his plans – with a stranger who happened to work for WFAA Channel 8 News. Evidently, the cheese ball toss-off and a World Series proposal plan got the attention the producers at Channel 8.

While Carswell cheered on Rangers base runner Elvis Andrus, who scored at the bottom of the first, White showed a message on his iPhone to the Rangers fan behind him: “I am going to propose to my GF at the beginning of the 3rd inning… Would u mind videoing it if I hand u my phone…. She has NO clue!” The fan behind him gave a knowing nod, so White put the plan into action.


Lindsey Carswell said yes, by the way.

Lindsey Carswell said yes, by the way.

At the top of the third, White made the hand off and distracted Carswell from Rangers pitcher Derek Holland’s last out, pointing her away while he pulled out the ring. Then he gave her a tap. White’s impromptu cinematographer snapped pictures and recorded the result, which you can watch here.

Holland carried the rest of Game 4, securing a World Series win and a positive start on the couple’s path toward marriage.

“It would have been horrible if they lost,” White said.

Channel 8 gave White another memento when they aired his story the following Monday night. As TV reporter Jonathan Betz said, “The proposal started with the toss of cheese puffs but ended with the biggest catch of all.” 

Watch the video here:

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