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Winter Battery Tips from Interstate Batteries’ Gale Kimbrough

January 24th, 2012 by

Some basic battery maintenance can keep you battery from freezing and failing this winter. Gale Kimbrough, Interstate Batteries technical services manager, has several tips in the video above. Feel like reading? Here are 10 steps every driver should have on the winter battery checklist:

  1. Have the vehicle battery tested at every oil change.
  2. Always choose the appropriate battery for your vehicle, paying specific attention to batteries recommended for harsh winter regions.
  3. Consider replacing the battery if it is approaching 3 to 5 years old; this is the average life of a battery depending on climate.
  4. Use a battery charger to maintain charge levels and keep the battery in good condition. A fully charged battery will not freeze until -76° F; however, a fully discharged battery could start to freeze at 32° F.
  5. Secure all connections on the battery and check for signs of corrosion. If possible, have the connections checked by a professional.
  6. Inspect the battery case for signs of extreme bulging, cracking or leaking. If signs are present, it’s time to replace it.
  7. Avoid damage to the battery by keeping connections tight with a snug-fitting battery in the battery tray.
  8. If the battery is not a sealed model, check the fluid levels using distilled water to fill any cells that appear low.
  9. Always wear protective eyewear, remove all jewelry and wear long sleeves to protect the skin.
  10. Whenever possible, keep the vehicle in a garage overnight, especially in areas with extremely harsh winter conditions.
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