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Dallas Business Journal Profiles Interstate’s Scott Miller

February 25th, 2012 by

If you pick up a copy of this week’s Dallas Business Journal, you’ll see a smiling photo of one of our own. Scott Miller, senior vice president of the Interstate Batteries Independent Distributor Group, is featured in a “Facetime” Q&A about his history with the company.

Scott Miller, via Dallas Business Journal / Jake Dean

Scott Miller, Senior Vice President, Independent Distributor Group, Interstate Batteries. (Photo by Jake Dean/Dallas Business Journal)

Scott is the son of Interstate’s Chairman Norm Miller, and he’s worked hard his entire career at Interstate. As a teenager, he swept floors in one of our warehouses and became a route sales manager after college.

On his relationship with his father and how it affected his career, Scott said:

“Every move that I’ve made, up until the last few moves, was my move. Norm got me my first job at Interstate, but he’s never played an active role in my movement or progression. It doesn’t mean he’s not interested.”

Read more of the interview on the DBJ’s website: Scott Miller Climbed the Ladder at Interstate Batteries

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