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Eight Tips for a Better Road Trip

March 13th, 2012 by
Taking a road trip? Interstate Batteries offers a few tips.

Before your family heads out on a Spring-inspired road trip, make sure the car is in tip-top shape.

It was the esteemed American poet William Hugh Nelson who wrote, “I can’t wait to get on the road again.” If, like Willie, you and your band of gypsies plan to go down the highway this spring, here are a few tips to ensure your road trip is a successful and safe one:

1. Start with an oil change, a fluid check and a battery test. Nothing ruins a road trip like an unexpected breakdown. Minimize those chances with a quick trip to your friendly local mechanic. And don’t overlook that battery test — your road trip won’t start unless your car does.

2. Bring your license, registration and insurance information with you. This may sound obvious, police offers and state troopers say people tell them they forget these documents all the time.

3. Clean your car before and during the trip. Although that mountain of fast-food bags and napkins may muffle the sound of your daughter’s game system, she’ll be far more comfortable in a clean car. Keep a few plastic bags on hand for your garbage.

4. Get a good map or a trustworthy GPS. (hint: does that GPS need new batteries? Get ’em here.)

5. Share the driving. On those really long trips, it’s nice to take a break from driving every once in a while. Your passengers might also enjoy a break from just watching out the window.

6. Keep the kids entertained. Make sure their portable music players and gaming systems have fresh batteries for the trip. Bring backup batteries just in case. And make sure to take time for cheesy family games of “I Spy” and the license plate game. Because the kids can’t tune you out forever.

7. Keep the cellphone charged up. Need a fresh cellphone battery? We’ve got you covered. Need a new car charger? We have those, too.

8. Plan time for unexpected stops. Sometimes the kids need a potty break. And you could use a few minutes to stretch your legs. There’s no trophy for “making good time,” so allow for some breaks along the way.

No matter what your plans are for Spring Break travel, wants you to stay safe while on the road.

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By James Pecht (177 Posts)

James Pecht writes about franchising, battery technology, tips, racing and company culture for Interstate Batteries.

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