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Cranking in the Classics

May 10th, 2012 by

Buying an antique car means trusting used parts and checking the major systems for problems. One Boston man has been able to trust the Interstate battery that came with his starlight black 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix for about nine years.

“I noticed the battery when I first bought the car,” Pat Wilkinson said of his 2003 purchase. The battery looked okay, but he wasn’t able to determine the battery’s age. The battery cranked reliably through nine frigid Massachusetts winters – that he knows of. It was only recently he needed to give it a jump during a chilly morning, but “I’ve never had a battery that’s lasted that long,” he said.

Pontiac Grand Prix

Looking good for a 9-year-old.

Pat’s had several antiques and classics over the years, but his Model J Grand Prix has been a diamond in the rough. He’s protected it from the elements with a car cover and tarp and starting it up once a week. In an email, Pat wrote, “Thank you for an awesome battery STILL CRANKING whenever I start my classic beauty.”

You’re welcome, Pat. Give her a spin for us.

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