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Interstate Powers Chookie the Camaro

July 25th, 2012 by
Linda Hansen and Chookie the Camaro have had a long relationship powered by Interstate Batteries. (Photo | Linda Hansen)

Linda Hansen and Chookie the Camaro have had a long relationship powered by Interstate Batteries. (Photo | Linda Hansen)

“Treasured,” “classic,” “a beauty” – you could call the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro belonging to California resident Linda Hansen any of these things. But she just calls it “Chookie.”

The name comes from the sound her Camaro made in its first years whenever she lifted her foot off the gas: chook-chook-chook. Chookie the Camaro’s been well cared for since Linda’s father helped her buy it new. Linda kept maintenance logbooks of the past 30-40 years. When Chookie’s battery retired in April 2012, she started flipping back through the logbook to see when she had last replaced the battery.

Chookie's service record

Linda kept a detailed service record for her Camaro.

She had to flip all the way back to July 2000, thanks to the Interstate® battery she had installed. At the time, it was advertised with a five-year guarantee. Chookie got a little more than Linda bargained for.

“12 WHOLE YEARS of faithful service – you sure can’t do better than that!” Linda wrote in an email to Interstate Batteries®. “Keep up the good work.”

According to the logbooks, her Interstate battery carried Chookie the Camaro about 100,000 miles. Linda said she’d always been a fan of Interstate Batteries, but this discovery just reinforced it.

Keep on trucking, Chookie. We’ll see you in another 100,000.

A brand-new Interstate Mega-Tron II lights up the engine compartment of Chookie the Camaro.

A brand-new Interstate Mega-Tron II brightens up the engine compartment of Chookie the Camaro.

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