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July 6th, 2012 by
Interstate Batteries is sponsoring "Outrageously Dependable Moments" on

Interstate Batteries is sponsoring "Outrageously Dependable Moments" on

Interstate Batteries® loves Outrageously Dependable® performances.

Even more, we love sharing them.

Interstate has partnered with Major League Baseball Advanced Media to deliver video highlights dubbed Outrageously Dependable Moments through July.

“There are a lot of players each team depends on every day,” said Carlos Sepulveda, President & CEO. “We strive to serve everyone with outrageous dependability and the best battery products we can provide all across America. That’s why we like recognizing these players and teams for their dependability on the baseball field.”

Visit’s video features for some Outrageously Dependable performances over home plate. See Baltimore Oriole Adam Jones put up his 20th home run of the season, San Diego’s Cameron Maybin send a solo into the picnic tables beyond left-centerfield and more outrageous infield action. New videos will be uploaded daily.

So share your favorite moment on Facebook or Twitter, and give everyone a baseball definition of Outrageously Dependable.

Interstate Batteries on

And, we might add, in automatic-transmission situations, too. (A little bit of car humor for you)

By James Pecht (177 Posts)

James Pecht writes about franchising, battery technology, tips, racing and company culture for Interstate Batteries.

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