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Gear Up for your Road Trip

November 9th, 2012 by
Road trip tips from Interstate Batteries and Interstate All Battery Center

Before you pack up the family, pack a few batteries. You’ll thank us later.

Ready to pack up the family and hit the road in a couple of weeks for Thanksgiving with grandma? Make sure you’re prepared. Here are a few must-have items on your road trip ready list, most of which are conveniently found at Interstate All Battery Center and What are the odds?

  1. A working car battery. The most important leg of any road trip isn’t the drive to your destination; it’s the drive home. After spending a few days with relatives you only see once a year – and for good reason – chances are you’re ready to get out of there quickly. So it’s the worst time to hear that dreaded “click-click-click-click-click” when you turn the key. Get your battery tested before your trip to ensure a clean getaway.
  2. A fresh battery for your key or key fob. You may not realize it, but that fancy key that came with your car probably has a little battery inside. And that little battery can keep you from going anywhere. Just ask our former CEO.
  3. Car charger for your cellphone. You don’t need a chatty teenager to run down your cellphone battery. Whether you use your smartphone as a GPS device or as an arcade to entertain the kids, its battery won’t last long. Use your car’s power port (or if you’re old-school, its cigarette lighter) to keep you charged up.
  4. Fresh alkaline batteries for the gaming devices. A surefire way to cut down on the “Are we there yet?” chorus in the back seat is to equip the kids with handheld electronic games. Take a few packs of AA batteries with you to keep the fun going. And if those devices use special batteries, your local Interstate All Battery Center has you covered.
  5. Portable power packs. Everyone can use a little extra juice now and then, and our portable power packs are fortified with essential volts and amp-hours. If you charge your device via USB, you can top it off with one of these packs. We even have solar-powered models available.

Count on Interstate for everything you need to keep your holiday road trip stress free. (Well, almost – you’re on your own with that politically incorrect uncle of yours.)

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