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I’m Not Only The President — I’m A Customer

November 7th, 2012 by
Carlos Sepulveda, President & CEO of Interstate Batteries

Carlos Sepulveda, President & CEO of Interstate Batteries

Many people know that October and November is the time to “replace your house smoke alarm battery.”  Well, a couple of weeks ago I was hosting a Saturday night dinner gathering at my house. As my wife and I scurried to finalize everything for our guests, with little time left before the start time for our event, an annoying “beep” began from our smoke alarm.

Ugh! I had failed to act on the October reminder. So, as if I didn’t already have enough to do, I went out to the garage and got the ladder to change the chirping smoke alarm.

Fortunately, I always  (well… almost always…) keep a healthy stock of Interstate branded alkaline batteries of all types. So I quickly changed out the smoke alarm 9-volt and changed the other smoke alarms with new 9-volts for good measure. The result, no chirping during dinner and another 12 months of peace of mind.

Ultralife 10-Year Smoke Alarm BatteryAs if that wasn’t enough… one day this month I got to work and turned off my vehicle in the parking garage. As I walked away from my parked vehicle, I then tried to use the key fob to remotely lock the doors, as I always do. But the doors would not respond. Bewildered, I tried again with the same lack of result… hmmm. So I got back in my vehicle and tried to start it.

When properly functioning, my vehicle starts when the key fob is inside the vehicle and I press the “start” button with the brake pedal depressed. So I did all this and … no result. Being a portable power solutions trustworthy expert with a caring, likable and whatever-it-takes attitude, I then figured out that I was STRANDED by a DEAD BATTERY! But it was not the vehicle battery… it was the key fob battery! Wow! What a shock.

What was also challenging is that I had an appointment coming up quickly where I had a business meeting outside the office. I couldn’t call them and miss the meeting because I had a dead battery; I’d never hear the end of this. Having great and flexible Team Members in our Interstate All Battery Center division, I got them the key fob and they “hot shot” replaced it, and I was back in business.

Wow. What do people who don’t work at Interstate Batteries do when they have a dead key fob battery? Thanks, All Battery team!

Carlos Sepulveda is President & CEO of Interstate Batteries. Do you have a battery problem you need solved? Visit your local Interstate All Battery Center or visit

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Carlos Sepulveda is President & CEO, a position he has held since 2004. He has also served as a director on the Board of Directors since 1995. Before becoming President & CEO, Carlos served the company in a variety of roles including Executive Vice President overseeing Marketing, E-Commerce, Financial, Legal and certain Sales & Distribution functional areas of the company and, prior to that, was Vice President & Chief Financial Officer.

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