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How to avoid getting stranded at the mall

December 17th, 2012 by


Is your car battery strong enough for the winter ahead? Follow these tips from Interstate Batteries®, and you can avoid being stranded.

The scene: The mall parking lot on a cold December day. You just spent hours inside, going from store to store to find every last present for the family – including that talkative, furry robotic toy that was first popular 14 years ago and has come back to annoy parents of a new generation. The stress of shopping is over; now all you have to do is drive home on the snowy roads and wrap up the treasures.

It’s the worst time to discover your car won’t start.

You can avoid a dead car battery this winter by taking action now. Here are a few tips courtesy of Interstate Batteries.

Get your car’s battery tested

Get your battery checked at an Interstate All Battery Center or Firestone location (or one of our thousands of dealers).We recommend having your vehicle’s battery and charging system checked every three months or at every oil change.

“A good, fully charged battery is the best defense against cold weather and vehicle non-starts,” said Interstate Batteries Engineering & Tech Services Manager Gale Kimbrough. “In cold weather, engines require more cranking amps and batteries are less efficient, reducing their charge acceptance and ability to start an engine.”

You can learn how healthy your battery is with a quick test at your local Interstate All Battery Center, Firestone or one of our thousands of other Interstate Batteries dealers. They’ll inspect your battery’s case, posts and fasteners, check the cables and will test the battery’s ability to hold a charge and deliver the power needed to start your engine. They’ll also make sure the terminals are clean and that the battery’s fluid levels are where they should be.

In short, they’ll make sure the battery you’ve got will get you going.

VIDEO: More winter battery tips from Interstate’s Gale Kimbrough.

Get the right battery


Interstate offers a variety of batteries that deliver the longest life for how and where you drive.

Interstate offers a variety of batteries that deliver the longest life for how and where you drive.

If the battery test reveals that you need a new one, make sure you choose the appropriate battery for your vehicle.

It should be the correct size and voltage, and it should offer the right internal design for your needs. For example, vehicles that experience extremely harsh winter conditions need batteries with the highest cold-cranking amps available, while vehicles in warmer climates need a higher electrolyte-to-lead ratio to last longer in the summer heat.

Interstate sells the right battery for your climate, and your Interstate All Battery Center or Interstate Batteries dealer can identify which one fits your needs the best. (Note: Climate selection applies to our seven popular battery sizes.)

Keep a battery booster handy

Want to be even better prepared? Keep a portable booster pack in the trunk or in the back of the minivan.

A booster pack like the Quick Cable 900 will allow you to come to your own rescue: Just follow the instructions to jump-start your car. It’s safer and more convenient than jumping your battery from a stranger’s car, and you’ll be on your way home in no time. Find one at Interstate All Battery Center.

Looking for other ways to prepare your car for the winter months? Check out our winter car care tips.


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