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Interstate Supports Community Outreach Programs Year-Round

December 19th, 2012 by
Interstate Batteries holds an annual Christmas party for Angel Tree and Prison Fellowship Ministries.

Interstate Batteries holds an annual Christmas party for Angel Tree and Prison Fellowship Ministries.

Balloon animals, wrapped presents and a 14-foot inflatable fire truck slide – all signs of a typical Christmas party, right?

That’s the way Interstate Batteries does it, especially for children in a tough situation.

The volunteers running the face painting, the slide and the presents are all Interstate Batteries team members. The children are unfortunate youth with an incarcerated parent.

And this is the Interstate Batteries Angel Tree party.


They’re All Little Angels 

Created by Prison Fellowship Ministries, the Angel Tree community program pairs Interstate volunteers with children’s wishlists to bring the spirit of Christmas to families affected by the criminal justice system.

For more than a decade, Interstate Batteries has participated in the Angel Tree program. And, like everything else we do, we make it outrageous.

Face-painting at Interstate Batteries' Angel Tree party
When the party was in full swing, the kids experienced countless opportunities for Christmas fun, including face painting, Christmas gift-crafting, a 14-foot inflatable fire truck slide and the ever-popular balloon animals.

At the annual party, children receive their gifts and enjoy kid-friendly entertainment like bounce houses, rides and games. Part of the program’s gift is the joyful experience and sharing the real reason for the season.

This year, generous Interstate team members selected from a record-breaking 176 angels on the tree. Since each child receives two gifts, that’s a 352 presents for children under the wing of the Prison Fellowship Ministry and the Union Gospel Mission‘s Center of Hope.

Interstate Batteries employees volunteer to make every aspect of the program a success.

We buy and wrap presents, organize the party, and volunteer the night of the party. The four-person Chaplain’s department organizes the event, but it’s the involvement of our whole staff that makes the event such a success each year.

Interstate Batteries Chaplain Henry Rogers said at Interstate, “we care about more than the bottom line. God has blessed us as a company. And we want to share those blessings.”


Prison Fellowship Ministries and Angel Tree

Throughout the year, Prison Fellowship Ministries reaches out to families with positive activities for the children and support for their caregivers. Children who have a parent in jail are often exposed to chaotic home situations, and many wonder whether their parents still love and remember them. Fortunately, the Angel Tree party has caught on among other organizations, creating positive change for every life that needs it.

Year-Round Service

Christmas may come once a year, but Interstate Batteries’ mission and philosophy are in effect every day.

Interstate has a unique corporate mission, one that unabashedly embraces Biblical principles and strives for a corporate culture of generosity and kindness. It’s that kind of culture that empowers team members to participate in volunteer programs like Angel Tree.

The office supports programs throughout the year, including:

Franchisees and Distributors 

Interstate’s distributors and Interstate All Battery Center franchisees are not required to participate in our programs, but we certainly encourage them to give back to their local communities and serve as a model for others to follow suit. Some locally owned branches participate in their own community outreach program, while others participate in versions of the same programs that originate in the corporate offices.

According to Henry, the best part of the ministry is hearing about things distributors and franchisees are doing that didn’t originate at the corporate headquarters. “Then, I know the culture has infiltrated beyond the four of us in the Chaplain’s department.”

Interstate Batteries believes in powering the things that make life better. Beyond supplying portable power, we believe it’s important to give positive energy back to the communities that sustain us.

What is your company doing to give back to the community? Tell us in the comments below.


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