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Interstate All Battery Center Franchisee Recharges His Career

January 17th, 2013 by

We love highlighting team members, Distributors and Franchisees who make positive contributions to their communities, and sometimes the local news does it for us. Such is the case for Grant Brown, an Interstate All Battery Center franchisee in Lancaster, Pa.

Check out this video from the Central Penn Business Journal:


Grant became an Interstate Strategic Partner in 2010 and immediately made an impact, becoming our 2011 Rookie of the Year. We interviewed him after his initial training, and we could tell big things were in store.

Why did Grant choose Interstate All Battery Center? He gives several reasons:

  • The brand. Interstate All Battery Center is backed by the reputation and 60-year history of the Interstate Batteries® brand. Grant said Interstate’s reputation makes a great first impression.
  • The market. Grant said no other opportunity meets the needs of a mobile, battery-powered lifestyle better than Interstate All Battery Center.
  • The business model. Grant appreciates the dual revenue streams: retail and commercial.
  • The system. The integrated supply chain and the inside sales team at our Des Moines office allow Grant to focus on the needs of his customers and his community.
  • The training. Interstate taught him everything from battery chemistry and applications to how to effectively manage the store.

Does Grant’s story inspire you? Visit our website to learn more about becoming an Interstate All Battery Center franchisee.

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