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Movie Driver Gives Interstate Batteries Two Thumbs Up

May 23rd, 2013 by
Don Stenstrom's 1985 Mercedes 500 SEL has an Interstate Battery that's lasted 11 years and counting.

Don Stenstrom’s 1985 Mercedes 500 SEL has an Interstate Battery that’s lasted 11 years and counting.

Lights, camera, ignition! Every trip’s a live performance from your engine, and the star of the show is your battery.

One Interstate® battery in popular filming locale, Vancouver, B.C., made its mark with an 11-year run in a 1985 Mercedes 500 SEL.

As a professional transporter, Don Stenstrom drives for the TV and movie industry, currently as a Class 1 Special Equipment Driver, which means he’s driving the hair and make-up truck or driving the trailer celebrities would use while shooting on location. When it’s time for his own car, Don turns to his Mercedes 500 – and in 11 years, whether facing regular driving or heavy idle time, the Mega-Tron Plus® battery inside hasn’t failed him.

“It has performed flawlessly through thick and thin in all types of weather and road conditions with no maintenance and has been a pinnacle of consistency and reliability year after year,” he said.

Don got his Interstate when he bought the used Mercedes back in July 2001. The salesman picked a battery off the floor. Don’s Mega-Tron Plus may have looked small in the engine’s battery box, but it powered his commute for more than 11 years.

“It definitely wasn’t brand-spanking new even then,” Don said, adding that he uses it daily – except when his work provides a vehicle for months at a time. “It’s had quite the mix of regular driving and idle time – not ideal conditions for a battery!”

Aside from periodic cleaning of the battery posts, Don let the battery do its thing – and it continues to pack a punch.

“Thank you for making such a fine battery!” he said. “It has greatly exceeded my expectations, and based on my experience, I would highly recommend Interstate products for any application.”

For long-running performances, the Oscar goes to Interstate Batteries for best action star under the hood.

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