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Become an Emergency Preparedness Hero

September 4th, 2013 by


Preparedness – a four-syllable word that could make you somebody’s hero. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Administration, has declared September National Preparedness Month, and we want to prepare you to be the hero.

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This year’s theme is “You Can Be the Hero,” and that’s preaching to the choir at Interstate All Battery Center, where the ready get ready. This month shouldn’t be about fear and worry; it should be about preparing for anything, so you can confidently go about your life. Should an emergency occur, you’ll be ready to take care of yourself and your family until first responders can arrive.

Start at FEMA’s resource center. It’s chock full of preparedness tips for college students, families with young children, people with elderly relatives and more.


You’ll also find preparedness advice at your local Interstate All Battery Center. After all, much of emergency preparedness means getting ready for situations when the power goes out – and stays out for long periods of time. Our friendly experts can help you make a plan and build your emergency kits for the home or office.

We are also posting preparedness tips all this month (and beyond), so check our blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts regularly. And if you have any preparedness questions, particularly those dealing with power-out emergencies, let us know in the comments.

Heroes have all kinds of power. Stock up on yours at Interstate All Battery Center.

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