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Watch Battery Replacement Goes Like Clockwork in Tulsa

October 8th, 2013 by

Timely and accurate, the team members at Interstate All Battery Center® of Tulsa know how to turn back the clock on all kinds of battery-powered devices. The fact they do it so quickly is what made a fan out of customer Jim Davis.

In late September, Jim bought a used digital watch and it needed a new battery. Jim’s a librarian and relies on his watch throughout the day. So, the following Monday, he took it to his nearest Interstate All Battery Center during his lunch break for a watch battery replacement.

Interstate Team Member Vern Cassity II “knew just what to do, and understood that I didn’t have much time, since I had to be back at work after my lunch break,” Jim said in a thank-you note to Interstate.

Replacing the battery wasn’t a simple job. Unscrewing four tiny screws and taking a side of the watchband off required careful work and, “I couldn’t have done it myself,” Jim said.

Vern worked quickly, getting the watch done with time to spare. With the new battery in, the watch works perfectly.

“I appreciate Vern being cheerful and doing the job quickly,” Jim said. “I like being treated well, and you can be sure I will be back. I have already referred your store to one of my fellow workers who needs a new battery.”

Talk about putting a stitch in time! Way to go, Vern!

Visit Interstate All Battery Center the next time you need a watch battery installed.

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