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Interstate Batteries Sponsors Rotary Lombardi Award

December 11th, 2013 by


Tune your TV to CBS Sports Network at 8 p.m. CST Wednesday, Dec. 11, to watch the telecast of the Rotary Lombardi Awards Ceremony.

The Interstate Batteries “No Battery Lasts Longer” and “God’s Love” TV ads will play during the telecast, hosted by CBS Sports analyst Spencer Tillman at the Wortham Center in Houston.

We’re one of the proud sponsors of the awards ceremony, which honors the college football lineman who best exemplifies the discipline of football legend Vince Lombardi.

The Dec. 11 telecast showcases the 44th award ceremony. Since the award’s inception, millions have been raised to help fund cancer research, public education and direct services to cancer patients.

In one of the tightest rounds of voting in award history, the 44th Rotary Lombardi Award finalists are:

  • Anthony Barr – LB UCLA
  • Aaron Donald – DT Pittsburgh
  • CJ Mosley – LB Alabama
  • Michael Sam – DE Missouri

In the off chance you’d rather just watch our ads, who are we to say no? See them below.

By Youssef Sleiman (70 Posts)

Youssef Sleiman writes and reports the powerful news at Interstate Batteries.

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