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Interstate powers a 3-generation victory

December 18th, 2013 by


From left: Cullen, Mark and Rick Hubbard at the Oct. 26 Interstate Batteries Pumpkin Smash Race in Monroe, Wash.

From left: Cullen, Mark and Rick Hubbard at the Oct. 26 Interstate Batteries Pumpkin Smash Race in Monroe, Wash.

The family that races together wins together – at least for a father-son-grandson trio racing a local enduro circuit in Monroe, Wash.

When they swept the top three places in a 180-mile, 6-hour enduro race this October, they accomplished a feat no other racing family ever has: a three-gen win.

Mark Hubbard's No. 2 car took second place.

Mark Hubbard’s No. 2 car took second place.

Out of 45 foreign stock cars that started the Oct. 26 Interstate Batteries Pumpkin Smash race at Evergreen Speedway, the three Hubbards drove the only cars to survive to the last lap. In an “enduro” race, caution flags rarely fly for wrecks, and the fastest vehicle may not be the one that wins.

After a late-race flat tire shuffled the top three positions, the patriarch, Rick Hubbard, 68, took first place. His son, Mark Hubbard, 44, finished second, and Rick’s grandson, 21-year-old Cullen Hubbard, took third.

Rick said the three were so close at the end, if the race had gone just one more lap, they could have finished in a completely different order. At dinner after the race, Mark Hubbard joked with his dad, saying, “You know, I’m not sure what I would’ve done if I’d got to your rear bumper.”

A finish like that – with positions in line with generation order – is rare, possibly rare enough for the Guinness Book of World Records.

“I got to tell you I was absolutely ecstatic,” Rick said. He called stock car records and the Guinness Book, and so far, none of them has heard of another instance of a three-gen win.

Racing may be in the blood. Rick’s father raced motorboats in the 1940s, introducing his son to the sport early. More than 51 years later, the senior Hubbard continues building his endurance stock racers with his son and grandson, and together they carry the legacy of speed to the next generation.

The Hubbards also had another advantage on their side: Interstate Batteries.

Rick Hubbard's car finished first.

Rick Hubbard’s car finished first.

“We always run Interstate Batteries. You got to really depend on the battery,” Rick said as if any other option would be a serious risk. “If anything goes wrong with the charging system, you got to depend on the battery to get you to the end. That battery’s got to run the fans and wiper blades. A night race is even worse.”

One of the biggest fans of the Hubbards is IBS of Seattle Distributors Tom and Vern Allen. For more than 25 years, they have provided batteries and decals to the racing team while sponsoring races and race series at Evergreen Speedway. Even off the racetrack, Tom provides batteries to Rick’s two Chevron service stations in the Seattle area.

“He’s one of our strongest dealers, and he’s been a real advocate for Interstate Batteries with Chevron. He’s a great believer in the program,” Tom said.

When you consider that the only three racers to finish the Pumpkin Smash race were using Interstate batteries, it’s easy to see why.

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