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The Power of Relationships: Grew Up Friends

December 17th, 2013 by

Second in an occasional series on The Power of Relationships. Previous stories


Interstate Batteries of Connecticut Manager Graig Judge (left) with Chairman Norm Miller.

After 32 years of selling Interstate® Batteries, Thayer’s Marine and RV in Norwich, Conn., knows they have a long-term relationship on their hands.

Business Manager Richie Thayer orders batteries each week from IBS of Connecticut’s Manager Graig Judge, making the same calls his father and grandfather made for 32 years. Distributor Bob Judge, Graig’s dad, set up Thayer’s Marine as a Dealer in 1981 – three years before Richie was born.

Bob laughs when he recalls meeting Dick Thayer, the owner, for the first time.

Dick said, “Well, I got batteries. What do I need yours for?” It came down to a battery test, and when Interstate won out, their 32-year-long relationship began.

“They remind me of what we are. My business is on its third generation. They’re on their second. When I call [Bob], he reminds me of my grandfather. They have the same personality,” Richie said, adding that they’re still growing together. “We went from selling two to three boats a month to 20-30 boats a month – each with an Interstate battery.”

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