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Santa reaches out to Interstate Batteries for advice

December 23rd, 2013 by

Santa Claus and his sleigh, spreading Christmas cheer and battery knowledge.

The Interstate Batteries customer service department recently forwarded us a number of emails from Santa Claus himself. Looks like he, like everyone else, could use a little battery advice now and then. We’re happy to provide. Thanks to Customer Service, Mr. Battery, the e-store at and the folks at Interstate All Battery Center for helping ol’ Saint Nick out.

Click on each image to see a larger version.


Santa asks about batteries for his "heavily modified delivery vehicle." Mr. Battery tells him about the MT7 AGM.

Santa asks what to do with all the batteries leftover from his toys.

Santa asks about laptop batteries.Note: the coupon code above has unfortunately expired. Check out our current offer by visiting

The elves cause problems at Santa's workshop. He asks for backup power advice.

Santa asks for batteries that don't last as long as ours.

 Merry Christmas!


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Patti Neckar
Patti Neckar

Merry Christmas Interstate Batteries!!!!


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