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Golden Rule Leads to Priceless Service

January 23rd, 2014 by
If you turn the key and only hear "click - click - click," it may be time for a new battery. Or, you may just need to recharge it.

If you turn the key and only hear “click – click – click,” it may be time for a new battery. Or, you may just need to recharge it.

When your ignition gives your engine the silent treatment, where do you go? Hopefully, you turn to experts in service and battery savvy.

Green Bay, Wis., resident Mike Wallenfang recently thought he had a battery core exchange on his hands. Instead, he found good news and even better service.

He and his wife were recently visiting their son in Peoria, Ill., and had some vehicle trouble. They got a lift to Interstate All Battery Center in Peoria, dead battery in tow, and Manager Jake Hagerdorn tested it.

As it turns out, Mike’s battery was just two years old. All it needed was a good recharge.

“He could have easily told me it was bad and sold me a new battery,” Mike said. The great service kept coming. “He then allowed me to take a loaner, so I could get my vehicle to a service center to have the remaining charging system checked and serviced.”

Talk about a positive story.

Talk about a positive story.

A nearby service center replaced Mike’s bad alternator. With the car in the shop, Mike got his second lift to the Interstate All Battery Center to return the loaner battery.

Mike said he was positive he would to have to pay some sort of fee. Instead Jake slid the fully recharged battery back across the counter and gave him a neutral response, “No charge.” (Now, that’s priceless.)

When his customer insisted, Jake would only take his referral, saying, “The next time you are in town and need something, keep us in mind.”

When Mike picked up his car at the service center (and for the rest of his trip), he told the story of Jake’s legendary service.

“As I always state, treat others as you would hope to be treated,” Jake said. “We will continue to serve the Peoria area with the same high level of customer service, which is what Interstate Batteries is known for!”

Find your local Interstate All Battery Center and give our incredible customer service a test drive.


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