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Interstate battery powers through the polar vortex

January 14th, 2014 by

Cold Interstate Battery

Last week was cold, almost everywhere in the United States and Canada.

Negative temperatures and wind chill at extraplanetary proportions – it’s no surprise many people stayed in and avoided the frost altogether. But if you were like Roxie Hudak in Minneapolis, you still had places to go.

And if you had an Interstate battery like Roxie, you could get there.

“It got down to about 29 below, and with wind chill, about 50-some below!” Roxie wrote in an email. “I park my old Subaru outside, and I figured it would not start in that temp, especially since I knew I had not bought a new battery for at least 5 years.”

Extreme cold does a one-two punch to batteries, making engines harder to crank and crimping the battery’s ability to transfer energy. Fortunately for Roxie, our batteries don’t stop when the temps drop – even in the face of a polar vortex.

“Well, it took three turns of the key, BUT IT STARTED, YAY!” Roxie wrote. “So this is to say, THANKS for the high-quality of it! I don’t know much about batteries, but I assume that it is a high-quality battery to have enabled my car to start in 29 BELOW!  Have a good day.”

We will, Roxie. And here’s wishing you warmer weather.


By Youssef Sleiman (70 Posts)

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